OOTD: 1D concert

All thrifted/traded for at resale shops, headband from Claire’s

So the 1D concert was (for me, specifically) a mess. But at least my outfit was cute!

My 19-year-old sister conned me into going, and I wanted to be securely tipsy if I was going to be around a bunch of moms and screaming middle-schoolers for 3 hours (I’m 23, fyi, so this is completely legal). So, of course, I got a little overeager with my mixed drinks beforehand (I don’t party much) and ended up throwing up in the bathroom. At a One Direction concert. Surrounded by disapproving moms and confused 12-year-olds. Mad props to my sister for being the designated driver and buying me post-concert French fries.

Not my proudest moment, but don’t ever say I don’t keep this blog real as hell. I just wanted to let you know that real life isn’t all sunshine and festival wear and perfectly curled hair and lattes like some bloggers make it out to be.

Sometimes adult life is throwing up at a boy band concert while your family is in town and hauling yourself to work the next morning hungover after 5 hours of sleep on a basement floor, and that’s okay (not that I’d really endorse it—it wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience).

I suppose what I’m trying to say here is that social media and blogs and sometimes tumblr dot com make(s) us think everyone else lives these perfect little lives, when in reality they may be vomiting in stadium bathrooms.

But, as stated above, at least I looked cute while doing it.

This has been an OOTD post/PSA. Hopefully none of you are particularly scandalized.

Cute alfit